Ben Fell
Biographical Information
Full Name Benjamin Robert Fell
Born December 10, 1994
Status Alive

High School Student (currently)

Bust Boy at The Grill (currently)

Species Human
Gender Male
Relationship Information
Family Members

Thomas Fell (ancestor, deceased)

Honoria Fell (ancestor, deceased)

Franklin Fell (great-grandfather, deceased)

Regina Fell (great-grandmother)

William Fell (grandfather, deceased)

Margaret Fell (grandmother, deceased)

Tobias Fell (great-uncle, deceased)

Robert Fell (father, deceased)

Patricia Fell (mother, deceased)

Thomas Fell (brother)

Diana Fell (sister)

Logan Fell (uncle, deceased)

Meredith Fell (aunt)

Blair Fell (cousin)

Tina Fell (cousin)

Valerie Fell (cousin)


Sarah (ex-girlfriend)

April Young (ex-girlfriend)

Sarah Nelson (fling)

Played By Cody Christian
First Seen Pilot I
Last Seen I'm Thinking of You All the While II

Benjamin Robert 'Ben' Fell is a main character in the online fanfiction Misericordia, by HappyHollyWolly. Ben is a member of the founding families through the Fell family. Ben is the younger brother of Diana Fell and the ex-boyfriend of April Young. Ben is preoccupied with football and baseball to take serious notice of whats going on around him. But when his mother goes missing, he begins to notice his sisters behaviour become more and more erratic. Eventually, he discovers the truth she has been hiding from her for so long - that vampires truly exist. His best friends are Tyler Lockwood, Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Diana Fell, April Young and Stefan Salvatore

Ben is a member of the Fell family

Early LifeEdit

Benjamin Fell was born in Mystic Falls in December 1994, the third child to Robert and Patricia Fell, after Thomas, born in 1986 and Diana, born in 1992. From an early age, Ben excelled at sports, reinforced by family friend Tyler Lockwood. He grew up being close friends with Jeremy Gilbert, until middle school.

Ben was a good child and rarely ever got in trouble, more preoccupied with playing football. His academic record isn't the best, as he struggles with subjects like maths and science especially. 

In mid-2009, Ben's father, Robert, was horrifically killed during an animal attack in Mystic Falls, leaving him shaken. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Ben is 5'10 and still growing. He has an athetic build and a medium skin tone. Ben had short brown hair small almond shaped blue eyes. 


  • Ben and Diana
  • Ben and April
  • Ben and Thomas
  • Ben and Matt
  • Ben and his parents
  • Ben and Stefan
  • Ben and Sarah Nelson
  • Ben and Sarah
  • Ben and Tyler


  • Benjamin is a male given name derived from the Hebrew name meaning "son of the south". 
  • Fell is an old Norse Viking surname, originating from the name, Fjall, describing one who lives on a mountain.