Diana Fell
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Biographical Information
Full Name Diana Honoria Fell
Born October 17, 1992 (20)
Status Alive

High School Student (formerly)

College Student (currently)

Species  Human
Gender Female
Relationship Information
Family Members

Thomas Fell (ancestor, deceased)

Honoria Fell (ancestor, deceased)

Franklin Fell (great-grandfather, deceased)

Regina Fell (great-grandmother)

William Fell (grandfather, deceased)

Margaret Fell (grandmother, deceased)

Tobias Fell (great-uncle, deceased)

Robert Fell (father, deceased)

Patricia Fell (mother, deceased)

Thomas Fell (brother)

Benjamin "Ben" Fell (brother)

Logan Fell (uncle, deceased)

Meredith Fell (aunt)

Blair Fell (cousin)

Tina Fell (cousin)

Valerie Fell (cousin)


Tyler Lockwood (best friends, first love, boyfriend)

Damon Salvatore (slept with recurringly)

Kol Mikaelson (fling, fleeting love)

Matt Donovan (kissed once)

Played By Zoey Deutch
First Seen  Pilot I
Last Seen Black Hole Sun II

Diana Honoria Fell is a main character in the online fanfiction Misericordia, by HappyHollyWolly. Diana is a member of the founding families through the Fell family. Diana is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Tyler Lockwood and one time girlfriend of Damon Salvatore and Kol Mikaelson. At the beginning of the series, Diana is your average high school girl. Following the dramatic change of her life through the series, Diana looses her one time innocence and soon discovers the existence of vampires, originally straining the relationship with her friends who had kept this from her. Diana learns that the world isn't as perfect as she'd like to see it and must start working with her friends to protect her hometown from looming threats. Her best friends are Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donovan, Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore

Diana is a member of the Fell family

Early Life Edit

Diana Fell was born in Mystic Falls in October 1992, the second child to Robert and Patricia Fell, after Thomas, born in 1986 and before Ben, born in 1994. Due to the close friendship shared between the Fell family and the Lockwood family, Diana became very good friends with Tyler Lockwood from an early age, soon becoming her closest friend through childhood. They grew up together and were each others best friends from an early age. When they were four, Diana declared Tyler to be her boyfriend. Diana also made friends with other local children like Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert. 

Diana was a good child. Although she got into trouble often, it wasn't something that was unfixable or required serious punishment. Through school she got good grades, was a member of many clubs and societies, volunteered for different organisations and joined the cheerleading squad. It was sometime between late-middle school and early-high school that Diana and Tyler began to properly date, although neither can properly pin point the exact moment they became a couple. Their parents would often joke that if it were the 1800's, they'd be intended for each other by this stage.

In mid-2009, Diana's father, Robert, was horrifically killed during an animal attack in Mystic Falls, leaving Diana heartbroken, as her and her father were very close. 


In Pilot I, Diana is writing in her journal before her first day back at school. She expresses her feeling about no wants to return to school and how it differs from her previous perceptions. She also says how Tyler is sill being weird and how she wishes her dad was here. She worries about her mother and how she still is being off, giving her an old family necklace and telling her never to take it off. She finishes writing just as her mother calls her down for breakfast.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Diana is tall standing at 5'7'' and is slim, having been relatively sporty from a young age, playing softball and then cheerleading. Diana has a medium skin tone. 

Diana has long dark brown hair which falls over she shoulders in loose curls. She has large almond shaped brown eyes. 


  • Diana and Tyler
  • Diana and Damon
  • Diana and Kol
  • Diana and Caroline
  • Diana and Thomas
  • Diana and Ben
  • Diana and Matt
  • Diana and Bonnie
  • Diana and Elena
  • Diana and Stefan
  • Diana and her parents


  • Diana is a feminine given name derived from the Indo-European root meaning "heavenly, divine", related to dyeus, Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon, forests and childbirth, often identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. 
  • Fell is an old Norse Viking surname, originating from the name, Fjall, describing one who lives on a mountain.


  • Diana was the name of the Roman goddess of the moon, forests and childbirth
    • Moon - Close relationship shared with Tyler Lockwood, a werewolf.
    • Forests - Fell family estate stands on a 340 acre plot of land, 65% of which is forest.
    • Childbirth - Desire to become a Midwife.
  • Diana is the fourth know Fell family member to go into a human science profession.
    • Honoria Fell (Healer)
    • Robert Fell (Surgeon)
    • Meredith Fell (Physician)
    • Diana Fell (Midwife)


  • Diana: (to Elena) I can't stay cooped up forever. So what my dad died and my mom is missing. Life doesn't just stop because I lost my parents.You should know that better than anyone.
  • Robert: (to Diana) Come on, sweetheart. Remember what I said?It can be me and you against the world. No matter what we'll always have each other. Diana: (to Robert) But, you're dead? Robert: (to Diana) You'll always have me with you, no matter what.
  • Diana: (to Jeremy) I used to know a girl who partied a little too much. She did it because she felt alone. And it sucked that no one told her she didn't have to feel that way. I don't want that for you.