Pilot I
Chapter One
Air Date 9 June 2015
Author HappyHollyWolly
Word Count TBA
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Diana: "The waters of Mystic Falls run in my veins apparently."

Pilot I is the first chapter of Misericordia.


DESIRE, HEARTBREAK, ENVY, REDEMPTION, FEAR, AND RAGE, BEGINS NOW - Months after the mysterious death of her father (Josef Brown), Diana Fell (Zoey Deutch) struggles to move on from her loss. Diana struggles to hold onto her straining relationships with her mother (Natalie J. Robb) and her boyfriend, Tyler (Michael Trevino). Unknowingly, Diana's life begins to change dramatically with the meeting of a new Mystic Falls resident Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). 


In her bedroom, Diana is writing in her diary. She is expressing how she isn't feeling the same way about school anymore as she used to and how the only thing she is looking forward to is seeing Caroline, Elena and Bonnie every day again. She also expresses how she misses her dad. She continues saying how she isn't convinced about his death. There were too many unexplained things surrounding his sudden death that have left Diana feeling suspicious. Her mothers behavior is just adding to that. She states how her mother gave her a necklace that one belonged to one of her ancestors; adding that she shouldn't take it off no matter what. Diana finds these actions weird, but doesn't find the piece of jewelry wholly ugly. Diana is also worried over the recent behavior of her boyfriend and how he's growing more distant. Just as she puts the diary down, her mother calls her down for breakfast.

In the kitchen, Diana jokes with her mother that it is the second last year that she'll have to make pancakes for her; her being a high school junior. Patricia, her mother, isn't happy with her spending so much time writing in a journal. Diana argues that her brother suggested it to have somewhere to express her emotions, while Patricia doesn't think it will help. Her mom asks how she is getting to school today, to which she replies that Tyler said he would take her. A few moments later, Diana gets a call from Tyler. He says that Coach Tanner is making him go to school early some mornings to catch up on some pre-season gym training for the football team. He apologizes and Diana accepts this. Diana soon looses her appetite and goes to drive herself to school before Patricia insists that she will. Ben then breaks the silence between them as he comes down for breakfast.

In the car, Diana can feel her mother watching her. When she finally speaks, Patricia asks whether Diana is okay, noticing her chance in attitude after her call from Tyler. Patricia breaks the news that she is going away for a few days to her children. Both Diana and Ben are quick to ask to go with her, but she refuses, citing school as a reason. Diana confesses that shes not so fussed about school anymore, leaving her bother and mother shocked. Patricia brings up Diana becoming a lawyer, to her annoyance. She also mentions the back to school party she would miss, from which she bans Ben from attending. Patricia warns them not to get into too much trouble while she is away. Patricia reminds Diana not to take off her ancestors necklace and tells her the story behind it.

At school, Caroline informs Diana of the plans she has made for the year ahead. Diana isn't very interested, looking at her phone constantly, awaiting a reply from Tyler. Caroline notices her friend being distant and brings her back to reality. She then notices Tyler approaching them and brings it to Diana's attention. He apologizes for not driving her to school and affirms that she's going to the back to school party. Caroline is distressed as she will have to go alone. Diana suggests she go with Bonnie or Elena. As Tyler says he has to go, Diana invites him around to her house for the night. After he leaves, Caroline voices her knowledge of what Diana has planned for the night. Diana says that it is her only option for how weird Tyler was being and voices her concerns that they're growing apart.

The pair then run into Bonnie and Elena. Caroline tightly hugs Elena and asks how she's doing after her parents death. Elena's parents died in a car accident a few months after Diana's father died suddenly. Caroline confesses to Bonnie and Elena about Diana's "Tyler Dilemma", to which she is annoyed by. Caroline then jets off and they are all left confused as to what just happened. Bonnie asks about Tyler and Diana replies that it was nothing to be concerned about. After they all catch up on their summers. While both Diana and Elena remained in Mystic Falls, Elena barely interacted with anyone while still grieving her parents, even breaking up with her boyfriend. Bonnie fills them in on her summer spent with relatives in Georgia.

The three girls then stop outside the school secretary's office. Bonnie notices a new boy registering for classes and brings it to their attention. Bonnie and Diana immediately notice his attractiveness while Elena mentions about only seeing his back. Bonnie attempts to predict where the new student is from and that he also plays the guitar, while the other two joke about her somewhat psychic abilities. Elena walks off after her brother, but Diana and Bonnie remain. When he turned about, Diana pretended to act casual while Bonnie continued to stare. They then continued to watch him go down the corner, with Bonnie exclaiming in frustration whenever Elena bumped into him.

In History class, Diana tries to pay attention to her teacher, Mr. Tanner. However, her attention was continuously drawn to her boyfriends empty chair. Diana contemplated where he would be, disregarding that he would purposefully skip History on their first day back. Soon after, she receives a text from him, saying he has gone home and for her to cover for him. Diana is confused, feeling like Tyler is hiding something from her. She questions whether he would really do that, after them being best friends for the better part of twenty years.

Later on in Biology, Diana questions whether she really wanted to be there or not. Bored by the teacher, Diana's attention doesn't perk up at the mention of lab partners. Instead, she doesn't listen only for her lab partner to turn up beside her. Diana learns that it was the boy from the office earlier that is her lab partner. He introduces himself as Stefan Salvatore. As they are assigned a lab safety quiz, Diana quickly starts working her way through it while questioning Stefan. She finds out he's a distant relative of the towns founding Salvatore family and that he was nephew of Zach, who lived at the boarding house. Diana admits her distaste for the place, saying it always creeped her out. Diana admits that her mother loves the whole history side of the founding families stuff and that she doesn't that much. As she finished the quiz herself, Stefan chuckled at her. Diana then asked what brought him to Mystic Falls and Stefan tells her about his parents dying and Zach becoming his legal guardian. Diana gives her condolences and says that she can relate with her dad dying recently as well.

After school, Diana meets up with Tyler in the car lot and accompanies him and Matt to the Grill for food. She was meeting Elena, Caroline and Bonnie there later, so it was fine. Diana wants to keep Tyler close after how shady he was being earlier that day. Diana zoned out as the boys talked about sports, until their food arrived, served by Matt's sister, Vicki. Diana becomes very jealous as she eyes up Tyler across the table, even offering him a refill. After she leaves, Diana be's sure to bring up him coming over and her plans. Tyler begins kissing her and Diana enjoys the feeling of normality again. She had missed it since the deaths of both her dad and Elena's parents. Everything was a mess over the summer and she was glad everything was going back to how it was. All of them just chilling at the Grill, the girls gossiping, the boys playing pool, Tyler kissing her whenever he felt like it. He never kissed her anymore. Matt leaves, citing disgust at their PDA.

After a while, Diana, Tyler and Matt were joined by Bonnie and Caroline. They were all having fun until the air grew tense with Elena's arrival. She had brought Stefan with her. Nobody was sure how to react until Matt introduced himself to Stefan. Matt and Tyler went off to play pool and Diana didn't blame them. With Elena and Stefan together, it was obvious Matt didn't want to be around that. Instead, the girls sat with Stefan questioning him about his life. When the subject of his parents deaths came up, Elena immediately grew more sympathetic. Bonnie then brings up the back to school party the next night. Then asks Elena whether she is going, to which Bonnie replies she is. Diana officially invites him to come just before Tyler comes over. Diana introduces Stefan to Tyler before Tyler asks if she wants to go. Diana agrees and bids farewell to her friends.

Before they get into the car, Tyler kisses her and confesses his love for her. Diana, feeling happy with his romantic gesture, was still apprehensive about Tyler and the seemingly secret he was hiding from her. Diana asks him when did they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Tyler replies that when they were four, Diana declared him her boyfriend. Diana smiles at the memory before asking when they became a proper girlfriend and boyfriend. Tyler says it was when they were fourteen and in the eighth grade. They and their friends sneaked out to a high school party. Diana then questions whether it was when they were thirteen and Tyler kissed her for the first time at the Founders Party. After discussing a few more of their memories they arrives at Diana's house. Getting closer to the door, Diana began to feel dread. She remembered the last time they had gotten this close to sleeping together; it was the night her dad died. Tyler tells her it's okay before they move upstairs.


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  • This is the pilot/first chapter of Misericordia.
  • Antagonist: None.
  • This is the first episode of The Missing Persons Arc.
  • Parallel's begin to emerge between Diana and Elena.
    • Both have lost parents.
    • Both had younger brothers.
    • Both keep diaries.

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  • Mystic Falls, VA
    • Fell family estate
    • Mystic Falls High School
    • The Mystic Grill

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  • Harry Potter is a character and series of books chronicling a boy wizard, Harry Potter, as he goes to an all-magic boarding and must save the wizarding world from a dark force known as, Lord Voldemort.

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  • Diana (writing in her diary): "Dear diary, here we are again! Another day where you force a smile on your face and greet everyone with a 'Hey, how have you been?' or as some people like to call it, the first day of school"
  • Diana: "School's school. It will be there when I get back". Ben: "Wait, did she just say what I thought she said?"
  • Diana: "Don't you know, Mom? Ben's on the football team now. He can't be seen with anyone that doesn't have a varsity jacket" Ben: "Says the cheerleader".
  • Bonnie: "Hold on, who's this?" Elena: "All I see is back." Diana: "But admit it, that's a pretty hot back. And I say that in full acceptance of my relationship status."
  • Stefan: "You're Diana Fell, right? I'm Stefan Salvatore, your lab partner". Diana: "Fun"
  • Diana: "My Dad used to always go there for some town council stuff. Zach is cool though. He always gave my brothers and I chocolate bars on the sly."
  • Diana: "The waters of Mystic Falls run in my veins apparently."
  • Diana: "When did you actually become my boyfriend?" Tyler: "That's easy. When we were four and you declared me your boyfriend". Diana: "Oh yeah. But you know what I mean; a proper boyfriend". Tyler: "Wasn't it in eighth grade? The night we all snuck out to a high school party and started drinking, well, until the seniors kicked us out". Diana: "Wasn't it when we were like thirteen and you kissed me at the Founder's Party?" Tyler: "See this is why we don't ask this question."